From the sailor in the uniform who stepped off the boat his last time, to the third generation of grandsons who all take pride in the legacy that has been handed down through time, here is our story! Please take a few minutes and read this small article about our family business and why we still stand for our legacy!

Some of our most popular sayings: (Also passed down through generations)

“Yoo-Hook” – “If it would’ve been a sandwich you would’ve already ate it” – “Don’t just stand there with your hands on your hips, you’re not Princess Diana” – “If you turn that board around one more time it might turn into a helicopter” – “You guys are still on that? Me and my boy would’ve had it done already” – “If you can flip a hammer into the air more than three times and catch it, you can’t work here” – “You want Dad to come over there and show you how it’s done?” – “Son, if it was easy, Momma and the babies would be doing it”

The sailor mentioned above was a legendary man, Alex Cotten. To all of us, he was a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. His wit and humor made everyone who ever met him want to get to know him as a close friend. He trained all of his sons (Monty, James, Nathaniel, and John) how to build anything better and faster than it had done before.

As the sons grew into adulthood, each took on a specific task on the job, perfecting their occupation with diligence and pride. The sons have since trained the grandsons and great-grandsons much the same way. Today we hold a hammer, roofing gun, framing gun, and other tools as something more than a tool or instrument, but as an opportunity to remain connected to the price that was paid by our family, a road that was paved with difficulty, and a legacy that will continue to live long after we are gone. With humility, hard work, and great purpose we thank you for the opportunity to continue building our legacy.

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