New siding will update your home, not only adding to its curb appeal, but potentially increasing the value of your home in the process. Legacy Roof Co. is one of the top siding companies in Pleasant Hill and the greater Kansas City area. We’ve been in the business for three generations, and our work speaks for itself. If you don’t believe us, read the testimonials and reviews for Legacy Roof Co. and contact us for a free quote today!

  1. Common Siding Issues and What to Do for Them

    Siding is like gift wrap for your home—it makes everything look incredible, but unlike gift wrap, it lasts for a decade or more! However, there is a certain amount of care and maintenance required to keep it looking older than it is. Legacy Roof Co. is one of Pleasant Hill’s top siding companies…Read More

  2. Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights This Season

    Now is the time of year where many of us are decorating for the holidays, and part of that includes hanging lights on your home and landscaping. As you prepare to show your holiday cheer, we wanted to share some tips for hanging Christmas lights this season. Legacy Roof Co. is a siding, window, and …Read More

  3. Signs It’s Time for New Siding

    Your home’s curb appeal means a lot, and even if you have no intentions of leaving anytime soon, the impact your siding has on your overall quality of living is substantial. You might be able to overlook a few imperfections here and there, but it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and learn …Read More

  4. How to Perform Regular Siding Maintenance

    The siding of your home provides protection from the elements but also has a great deal to do with your home's curb appeal and value. Keep it looking incredible by taking time every season to maintain it. When you need siding replacement or service, contact Legacy Roof Co.! We serve the greater Kans…Read More

  5. New Siding vs. a Fresh Coat of Paint

    Whether your home has sustained damage, or has gone through several years of aging, you will likely be faced with the question of, "Do I go with new siding or just put on a fresh coat of paint?" It's a tough call in some cases! At Legacy Roof Co., we have proudly served the Kansas City, MO and surro…Read More