Your gutters might not be a part of your house that you give much thought to, but they’re a crucial component. If yours take a turn for the worse, you’ll definitely know it, though! And the unfortunate downside is that you probably won’t notice until your basement is leaking and mold has likely already begun to form. An ounce of prevention is key when it comes to your home, and gutter installation is no different. Know what to look for in advance so that you’re not calling us from a wet, leaky basement!

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Here are signs that you need new gutters.

Leaking and Foundation Issues

We mentioned the leaking basement above because it’s an important indicator that something has gone wrong. Check your walls and window wells for signs of moisture, as well as the tell-tale indications of mold and mildew. Chances are, your gutters are either super clogged or they’re damaged, and aren’t doing their job.

Visible Debris

Go outside and take a look at your gutters. Do you see leaves and other debris? Perhaps you need to take a closer inspection by using a ladder to take a closer look. When they become clogged, they can cause ruse, which will make the metal corrode and fall apart. Additionally, if leaves take up too much space, the water won’t have room and will spill over the sides. Having your gutters cleaned twice a year can help prevent these issues, but installing gutter guards is a fantastic preventative measure!

They’re Bent or Sagging

They should be installed flush to the roof to function properly. If you see corrosion, bending, sagging, cracks, or anything out of the ordinary, give us a call. If you can’t get by with a gutter repair, we will work up a quote for new gutters.

Pools of Water around the House

After it rains or snow starts to melt, take a look around the house. Dirt, grass, and cement might reveal standing water or soft spots, which are an indication that water spilled over the edges. Whether that’s due to too much debris or damage will require closer inspection.

Your Landscaping is Suffering

Look at your lawn and other features nearby. Do you see sunken spots or erosion? This could mean that the water has been running over and flowing away from the home. You might notice that dirt and gravel have channels that water has carved out, or that your lawn is mushy. In the case of standing water, it’s likely the water has made its way to your foundation or basement, which requires immediate attention.

When you need gutter repair or wish to install new gutters, contact Legacy Roof Co. We will get the job done quickly and with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Give us a call for a free quote today!