The weather in Kansas City, Missouri is usually pretty mild, but occasionally, we’ll see a storm that causes damage to homes and property. Wind, hail, tornadoes, and blizzards have all visited our city, so knowing ahead of time what to do in case of severe weather is crucial to getting your home fixed the right way.

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Wind, hail, and the sun can all damage shingles, and that opens your home up to leaks. Water inside the home can cause further damage to the integrity of the structure, rotting wood and drywall, and introducing mold, which can cause illness over time. While a missing shingle or two might not seem like a big deal, don’t hold off on getting them replaced. A bit of money spent now will save you hundreds or even thousands down the road!

We will place tarps to reduce further damage to your home, and work quickly to replace and fix anything that’s been ruined. Our roofers are highly qualified when it comes to safety, so don’t try to walk on your roof to inspect for damage. Call us first!


Broken seals can happen from age or severe weather, and are much harder to spot than a missing shingle. They can cause serious problems to your home’s energy efficiency, driving up the cost of your heating and air. Additionally, broken seals around vents, the chimney, fans, pipe collars, nail holes, and flashing can allow moisture and other elements in your home, putting you at risk for even more damage and health problems resulting from mold.

Our technicians will inspect your seals and take photos so you know exactly what the damage looks like and how it can be fixed.

Structural Damage

Severe winds can throw debris against your house. Additionally, heavy winds, tornadoes, and snow can be strong enough to fell trees or big branches. Don’t mess around. Your home might not be structurally safe anymore, and you shouldn’t be inside it until you’ve had an inspector or contractor closely inspect it for safety. We will clean up the site, removing trees and debris for you before we complete the repairs. We’ll do everything we can to prevent further damage to the home by placing tarps and other gear, and even help with your insurance claim.

When your home has been damaged by a storm, call Legacy Roofing Co. in Kansas City today. We not only repair and replace roofs, but we install siding, windows, and gutters, too. We’ll work with you and your insurance company, and even offer financing. Rest assured that when we are on the job you’ll get the best service in the area, backed by our warranty and decades of experience.

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