Whether your home has sustained damage, or has gone through several years of aging, you will likely be faced with the question of, “Do I go with new siding or just put on a fresh coat of paint?” It’s a tough call in some cases!

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Not sure if you should apply a fresh coat of paint or replace your vinyl siding? Read on to learn more!

Consider Your Budget

If your siding isn’t in urgent need of repair, you might be able to apply a fresh coat of paint. However, while painting is going to be the less expensive option, you might be surprised to learn how much it costs to do so! Both services require a seasoned professional to get the job done correctly, including prep work, attention to detail, materials, labor, and more. Painting, when done correctly, can last five to seven years, where siding can last decades. ¬†Over the long run, you could end up spending the same amount on paint as you would have with new siding.

Consider Curb Appeal

Siding can really date a home if it’s been more than a few decades since it was installed. While paint can certainly refresh a look, if the siding underneath hasn’t been in style since before Reagan was in office, it’s time to look at having it replaced. The new siding will protect your home better, and potentially make it more energy efficient, which will help to cut down on your energy bills, too!

Consider Its Condition

You can paint over a lot, but if your exterior is warped, damaged, hail struck, cracked, or otherwise not in peak form, you’re probably out of luck. While you can replace a board here and there, you could run into problems if the brand or style that’s currently on the home is no longer available. Investing in new vinyl siding, wood planks, or another style (and they are endless!) will not only bring your home up to date, but will better protect it from the elements, and increase your home’s value.

Consider Damage Underneath

If you live in a humid climate like we do, there’s a chance you have mold or mildew underneath your siding. This is an issue that needs to be taken care of before bigger-picture structural damage takes place. Additionally, if termites or other pests have taken up residence, there could be an incredible amount of damage to your structure that needs far more attention than a coat of paint.

Consider How Long You Will Live Here

Here are a few things to consider. One, if you’re going to live at this residence for many years to come, making this initial investment is likely going to be a good call. You’ll have a home that looks exactly as you want it to, and you’ll know what’s underneath and that the job was done correctly. If you’re just going to spruce it up before you sell it, you may decide that paint is the way to go…but only as long as the siding and structure are up to code!

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