Your home’s curb appeal means a lot, and even if you have no intentions of leaving anytime soon, the impact your siding has on your overall quality of living is substantial. You might be able to overlook a few imperfections here and there, but it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and learn more about what those can actually mean and whether it’s time to replace your siding or keep maintaining.

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Here are some of the signs it’s time to replace your siding.

It’s Moldy or has Fungus

Mold and fungus (dry rot) aren’t laughing matters. They not only cause discoloration to the structure, but consider the effects they have on your health, too. If you or a family member have existing respiratory issues like allergies, asthma, or COPD, mold and fungus can exacerbate your condition. The materials will begin to decompose, leaving your home more at risk to the elements and potentially drive up your monthly energy costs.

It’s Damaged

If you’ve fallen victim to a recent hail storm, or a woodpecker or other critter has paid you regular visits, it’s time to replace it. Rain, snow, and hail can find their way through the damaged parts and soak into the structure to cause mold and other issues (some people even notice their wallpaper and paint start to peel as the moisture seeps in). As we just mentioned, that is not a good thing. We can work with your insurance company to process your claims and have even been able to save customers money off their deductibles!

It’s…Not Pretty

Look, we’re not here to judge your choices in design. However, if you made that choice 30 years ago and your home is a bit distinctive compared to the others on your block, it’s probably time to part ways and become acquainted with new siding. Paint only does so much! You’ll increase the resale value of your home, as well as your neighbors’.

It’s Needing to be Painted. A Lot.

Let’s talk more about paint and stain. You might think that giving it a fresh coat is going to cover up all your problems, and to be fair, paint can do a lot. However, if there is an issue with the slats themselves, paint is going to last you maybe five or six years. Then you’ll notice the cracking, splitting, chipping and fading is back and it’s time to do it all over again. With as expensive as it is to paint a home, think about your investment in paint and time that often vs. investing in siding once every 20-30 years.

It’s Fading

One reason you might be painting or staining so often is that the panels were fading. You might’ve brushed this off as something normal that happens over time. It is normal, but it’s not a good thing. What it means is that the siding installation you had done 10+ years ago is no longer waterproof, and is allowing moisture in the house, which is the last place it belongs!

It’s No Longer Energy Efficient

You might notice that your AC and heating bills have climbed over the years, which is costing you a lot of money. If you know that it’s not just due to a rate increase, you might need to replace your siding if it’s letting the elements through. Or it could be an issue with your windows. Schedule a consultation with us, and we can determine the cause, whether it’s siding, windows, or something else.

We can help! Legacy Roof Co will give you a consultation for a siding installation that will make your home look new again. We will fix any damage that’s been done (or work with a reputable contractor who can do so if it’s outside our scope of talents), then get to work with your new siding. And because we offer financing, you will have an option that’s more affordable on a monthly basis, as opposed to having to come up with the funds right away. Contact us to learn more!