Windows are meant to last for many years, but can sometimes have issues that require a quick fix or even replacement. When you spot one of these issues, you should have it addressed right away. While you would likely associate the problem with just the window, unfortunately, other parts of your home could be affected as well.

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Drafty Windows

Feeling a draft coming through your windows is a sign that the energy-efficiency in your home is compromised. While some might write this off as something minor and adjust their clothing layers accordingly, it’s a far more serious condition. You’re leaking precious cool or warm air, which is making your HVAC system work overtime to keep up. Your energy bills will rise, and you’re going to be out some money. The problem could be because of old weatherstripping, or it could be because the window is old or warped.

Condensation Between Panes

If you notice a fine sheen of condensation between the window panes, the seals between the windows are likely decaying. Air is leaking through, trapping moisture between the glass. In some cases, the panel can be replaced, but if the cause is something more serious, the entire window might have to go.

Condensation Inside the House, Center Glass

Gas-filled windows, which are typically filled with Argon, can leak out and cause the glass to bow. Sometimes this can cause the glass panes to touch. The gas inside acts as an insulator, so when it’s leaking your windows aren’t doing their job. When this happens, it’s typically because of a manufacturer defect, so check your windows’ warranty to see if replacement is still covered.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

Weather and changes in humidity will cause swelling in the wood around your windows, making them a bit more difficult to open and close. Once the weather stabilizes, your windows should open and close like usual. However, if this is happening over long periods of time, there might be a more serious structural issue. Your windows might need new spring mechanisms, or it could be that you have a water leak, which requires more attention. The water could be coming through the roof, which is something you don’t want to let go. Call the professionals to take a look right away, before more damage can be done.

Broken Latches

Because of age or damage, the latch mechanisms that secure your windows can break. While this is a small issue in comparison to the previous ones, and it’s a relatively easy and inexpensive fix, the consequences of this could be dangerous. Intruders can quickly identify unlocked windows and use it as an easy entry to your home. If you make yourself an easy target, you’re setting yourself up for loss of property, and potentially putting yourself and your family in danger. Don’t let this type of damage go! Get it replaced immediately.

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