Even if you’re not planning to sell your home in the foreseeable future, you’re likely interested in doing things around the house that will increase its value. One such thing is new window installation. When you buy replacement windows to update the look and the energy-efficiency of your home, you’re making an investment that will likely be attractive to future homeowners (and make your experience for the time being more comfortable!).

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Want to know more about how new windows can increase the value of your home? Read on!

Curb Appeal

You know it’s time to replace your windows when they become noticeable. You can replace your shingles, siding, and landscaping, but your windows shouldn’t be overlooked. The frames might be warped, faded, or dated, which definitely doesn’t add to the overall attractiveness of your home! Additionally, when you update the look with a new style of pane or other features, you’re adding an element that will look incredible.

Increase Your Comfort

Everywhere you go in your home, you’re likely pretty close to a window or two. When windows age, they start to allow the elements in. The structure of your home will naturally shift a bit over the years, and the frame and other parts of the window will not seal as tightly. Nobody likes the feeling of spending time in a warm room, only to feel the sharp bite of a cold gust come through, or the sound of wind whistling through the windows when they’re trying to sleep. Window repair might be able to help to an extent, but replacement windows might still be in order.

Could Prevent Mold

Speaking of the elements making their way into your home, if you have enough of an issue that rain and snow can come inside, you’re putting your home at risk for mold, mildew, and decay. Even small amounts can accumulate over time, and if your windows are leaking, it’s an open invitation to mold. Mold is a serious issue that requires specialized services to fix, and could end up being very expensive to get rid of. Having quality windows that keep the rest of the home protected will instill confidence in a potential buyer, who may be worried about having to replace old windows after moving in.

Energy Efficiency

Many of the items we’ve mentioned already point to the energy efficiency of your home. In short, if the elements from the outdoors are allowed to come in, the air on the inside is allowed to leak out. If you’re trying to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, your HVAC system is going to work overtime to keep up. Your bills will rise quite a bit and over the long term, the extra money you spend on heating and cooling could end up costing as much as new windows (or more!). Buyers will be attracted to an energy-efficient home, and will be happy they don’t have to replace the windows any time soon!

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