As a homeowner, you’re presumably accustomed to the fact that the change of the seasons brings forth maintenance that needs to be performed on your home. One such maintenance requirement involves your windows.

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Ready to learn more about seasonal window maintenance tasks? Read on!

Storm Windows

Storm windows are wonderful during the summer months, especially in areas like ours that can experience inclement weather. They improve energy efficiency, protect against hail and storm damage, and provide a host of other benefits. Be sure you clean and close them in the fall. This will help them to last longer, and make your view of the outside world much clearer.

Check for Leaks

One way to check for leaks in windows is to feel for drafts. They seem to be much more pronounced during the cold months, when a blast of cool air infiltrates your warm cocoon of a home. However, the best way to improve your energy efficiency is to have a window expert perform an energy audit. They can test for leaks, and help you determine if the leak is because of the window itself or if it’s the weather stripping or something else causing the issue. You can order replacement windows before your heating bills become excessive, or have window repair performed if that’s the case.

Clean Your Windows

Yes, we mentioned cleaning above, when it comes to your storm windows. Even if you don’t have storm windows, you should perform a deep cleaning of them in the spring and the fall. Cleaning not only makes things look nice, but it prolongs the lifespan of them. Additionally, getting up close and personal with the parts of your home will give you a level of perspective that could lead you to find issues you wouldn’t otherwise have noticed. The gunk that collects around windows can cake on quite a bit, and make for issues down the road.

Bring Window Air Conditioners Inside

When the months turn cooler, and air conditioning is no longer necessary, remove your A/C unit and prepare it for storage. Perform seasonal maintenance on the unit before storing it, then take a look at your window. Sometimes, the units can cause damage to the window frame and other parts of the window, so inspect it very carefully. Contact a window specialist if you’re unsure of what to look for or how to make repairs.

Inspect Screens

In the springtime especially, you’ll want to make sure your screens are good to go. Check for cracks, tears, and other damage that might allow critters to come through. If you need to, contact us for expert window installation and repair (and trust us when we say that putting tape or plastic over a hole isn’t a great look!).

Don’t Forget the Window Wells!

Your basement’s windows are just as important as the others above ground. All sorts of things can accumulate down there, creating a mess. But in addition to that, during the summer months, animals might fall down there and die, which creates smells throughout the basement. Give these windows the same treatment as the rest throughout your home.

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